Welcome to CebuMasseurs101.Com

1.) What is MC101?

>MC101 – Cebu Masseur’s 101 - Is an online massage provider rendering massage thru Hotel, Motel, Condo, Short Time Inn or Lodge.

2.)    How to Avail Our Services?

>Simply Fill up the stated below:
Client’s Name: _________________
Name of Hotel/Condo: __________
Room No.: ____________________
Attendant: ____________________
Address: ______________________
Landmark: ____________________
Time: ________________________
And Send to:
Smart: 0912-332-4444; Globe: 0935-122-1988
 Jose Dela Cruz, Marco Polo, Room#101, Lahug, Cebu City, Near Ford, 10PM
Send to: Smart: 0912-332-4444; Globe: 0935-122-1988

3.)    Do you have any Space or Spa?

>We don’t have any place or location.  Exclusively online & mobile massage provider only.

4.)    How long it would takes the masseur going to hotel?

>Most probably it takes 30 to 45 minutes waiting time period. Depends upon your location. We suggest to book advance, 1 hour prior to the target time.

5.)    Do I bring Massage paraphernalia just like oil, lotion and etc during my massage session?

>You can have your own paraphernalia just like oil, lotion and other uses for massage but not necessary. Our masseurs have their own most probably massage oil.

6.)    Can I interact or make conversation to any masseur during my Session?

>The foremost relevant thing in here is costumers convenient and satisfaction; MC101 are glad to have connection between our masseurs and clients during sessions. This is to make our customers as ease and welcome eventually.  Our MC101 masseurs are open for any possible comments and instructions as long as it is part of their responsibilities which   makes our clients satisfied.
In addition, our masseurs are friendly and accommodating, can easily chat with, and perfectly the best companion for the best relaxing, sensual and erotic massage experience.

7.)    Do I have to be completely undressed?

>Not necessary, it is considered optional and clients preference. Our top regard is costumer’s level of convenient and satisfaction. Simply because we want our customers’ happy.

8.)    Do you catered outside Cebu City?

>Yes, we cater outside Cebu. On top of the rates our clients will double the price of masseur. Additional round trip tickets including meal allowance. Before the services, clients must render half of the total price as advance deposit, this to insure that clients are legit. Every transaction is non- refundable in case the clients were postponed their deal.  However, we suggest, check-in here in Cebu City to get less.

9.)    It is safe to avail your Masseurs? How safe is your Attendant?

>MC101 takes charges of our attendant before we considered them as our talent.
The verification of their personal status is our prime concern.
MC101 guaranteed that our talents are safe to be with when it comes to their job responsibilities.

MC101 applied always safe transaction and professionalism.

10.) Is that all models of Apple 101 Photography are also attendant of Cebu Masseurs 101?

> Not all  models of  Apple 101 Photography are also attendant of  Cebu Masseurs 101
Instead Apple 101 Photography is only our official photographer.

email us:

MotelContactRate RangeAddress
Amihan Motel(032) 233-0639150-400/3hrMandue City
D Inn Motel(032) 232-2140150-350/3hrReclamation Mandue City, Cebu
Jade Court (032) 344-3531250-450/3hrMandue City
Prince Court(032) 231-4951250-450/3hrMabolo, Cebu city
Queensland Motel(032)  495-9503250-450/3hrLapulapu City
Queensland Motel(032) 422-7699250-350/3hrAs Fortuna, Mandue City
Queensland Motel(032) 268-3790250-450/3hrV.Rama St., Cebu City
Queensland Motel(032) 412-8885250-450/3hrGen Maxilom - Careta St., Cebu City
Sogo Hotel(032) 254-1042198-450/3hrSangciangco St., Cebu City
Valley Front Hotel(032) 255-9987250-450/3hrV.Rama St., CebuCity